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PASC16 Plenary Talk

Prof. Paul Woodward presents Simulations of Hydrogen Ingestion Flashes in Giant Stars (Link)

Video of Paul Woodward on Simulations of Hydrogen Ingestion Flashes in Giant Stars (Link)

In this video from the PASC16 conference, Paul Woodward from the University of Minnesota presents: Simulations of Hydrogen Ingestion Flashes in Giant Stars.

“My team at the University of Minnesota has been collaborating with the team of Falk Herwig at the University of Victoria to simulate brief events in the lives of stars that can greatly affect the heavy elements they synthesize in their interiors and subsequently expel into the interstellar medium. These events are caused by the ingestion of highly combustible hydrogen-rich fuel into the convection zone above a helium burning shell in the deeper interior. Although these events are brief, it can take millions of time steps to simulate the dynamics in sufficient detail to capture subtle aspects of the hydrogen ingestion. To address the computational challenge, we exploit modern multicore and many-core processors and also scale the simulations to run efficiently on over 13,000 nodes of NSF’s Blue Waters machine at NCSA. Results of these simulations will be described along with some of the key numerical and computational techniques that make these simulations practical.”

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