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LCSE Facilities

The LCSE is located in the recently rennovated Walter Library.
499 Walter Library
117 Pleasant Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Please visit our contact page to arrange a visit.

Click on images to see full resolution.
A PDF description is available here: LCSE-Facilities-08-02-2010.pdf

System Diagram

Facility Photos

Unisys ES7000
32 Processors
Front view of TestDell
Movie cluster

Back view of TestDell
Movie cluster

Linux cluster
developement setup

Final configuration
of Linux cluster

12 port SATA Adapter
into 2x8 port SATA
PCI brackets
Inside a full Linux node

Backplane of 2x8 port
SATA PCI brackets

Rear view of Linux
node without external
SATA disks
Backplane of external
SATA disk enclosure
Full Linux node with
disks connected