LSCE Visualization And Data Postprocessing Tools

Volume Visualization Applications

Hierarchical Volume Renderer -- for Linux: DOWNLOADS FOR LINUX

Interactive volume rendering application for MS Windows: DOWNLOADS FOR WINDOWS

Past (DCOM based) versions of the rendering and movie playing applications: PAST DOWNLOADS

Description of the HVR volume rendering server and examples
of how it is has been used at the LCSE (2.4 MB pdf file): PAPER ABOUT HVR SERVER

A guide to the graphical user interface for HVR (14.6 MB pdf file): USERS GUIDE FOR HVR

Description of the use of these utilities in a particular example
(4 MB PDF file): VolVis-paper

Sample Volume Data


Red Giant Star (23MB zip file)

Temperature fluctuations from a 512x512x512 cell model star. Data is in a four tiered, block-tree hierarchy format, with voxel resolutions ranging from 64x64x64 to 512x512x512. Zip file includes project file v72dT0302.hvp, which may be opened with hvr-gui.

Generation of Block Tree Formatted Data


Application ready to run: bob2hv.exe

This is a Win32 console application and takes command line arguments. Usage: bob2hv Nx Ny Nz file_name

Source Code:

This zip file contains a Microsoft Visual C++ 6 project: open the project file "bob2hv.dsp" to start.



Optimized Intel Fortran & C Source Code: bob2hv_2007mar06.tar

F90 & C Source Code: BlockTreeGen_25Apr2003.tar