The Secondary Education in Computational Science (SPECS) project is a collaborative effort between Twin Cities local school districts and the Institute of Technology's Laboratory for Computational Science and Engineering (LCSE) at the University of Minnesota. It is designed to develop instructional materials intended to expose high school students to computational science. These materials utilize easily comprehended and consistent graphical user interfaces to make computational science techniques accessible to high school students, significantly enriching the science curriculum. The SPECS program is funded by the National Science Foundation through its Metacenter Regional Alliance (MRA) program and through the Education, Outreach and Training component of its PACI program (via a subcontract through NPACI).


  • Julia Sytina, Administrator
  • Tom Ruwart, Assistant Director
  • Professor Paul Woodward, Director
  • Benjamin D Johnson Allen, GUI Programmer

  • Arlington High, St. Paul, MN: South High, Minneapolis, MN:
  • George Scott
  • John Olson

  • Students
  • Andrew Fox
  • Nathan Schauer
  • Faculty
  • John Rozeboom
  • Bill Ruff

  • Students
  • Sean Baxter
  • Andy Exley

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