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    The Laboratory for Computational Science and Engineering

    Contact Information

    Surface Mailing address for letters

    University of Minnesota / LCSE
    499 Walter Library
    117 Pleasant Street SE
    Minneapolis, MN 55455

    To VISIT the LCSE and equipment shipping

    University of Minnesota / LCSE
    125 Walter Library
    117 Pleasant Street SE
    Minneapolis, MN 55455

    Main lab phone number: (612) 626-9224
    FAX: (612) 626-0030

    Professor Paul Woodward, Director
    Department of Astronomy
    356 Physics Building
    116 Church Street SE
    Minneapolis, MN 55455
    (612) 625-8049

    Mike Knox
    499 Walter Library
    117 Pleasant Street SE
    Minneapolis, MN 55455
    (612) 626-9224


          It is easy to find the LCSE.s PowerWall room. The LCSE is located within the Digital Technology Center, at the heart of the Twin Cities campus of the University of Minnesota. The Mall, a large, extended quadrangle, has Northrup Auditorium at one end and the student union building (across Washington Ave.) on the other. Next to Northrup, across from each other on the Mall, are two administration buildings, and the next pair of large buildings facing each other across the Mall are the Physics Building and Walter Library. To reach the LCSE lab spaces, enter Walter Library from the Mall and proceed directly along the main corridor on the ground floor. On your left will be the LCSE machine room, and on the right is the LCSE/MSI PowerWall room, room 125. A satellite image of the Mall area appears above, with Northrup Auditorium at the top (north) end. The Mall is visible to the left of center, and Walter Library can be seen, indicated by the arrow, with its rear entrance from Pleasant St. S. E. Washington Ave. runs across this image near the bottom, and the computer science building is located on this street right about at the center of the image. The second building to the right of the computer science building on Washington Ave. is the Radisson Hotel. There is presently a lot of construction along Washington Ave from the Radisson Hotel on toward us.

          On the following pages are a series of maps that show the campus from an increasingly zoomed out viewpoint, which hopefully are helpful in locating the campus in the context of Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the MSP airport.


          Here the Washington Ave. bridge over the Mississippi is visible. The new I-35W bridge is out of this image upward and to the left. If you come to the University going north on I-35W to Minneapolis from the airport, then you will need to get onto I-94 going east in order to cross the river below this picture. That bridge, and the exit you would take at Huron Blvd. to go to Washington Ave. are visible in the zoomed out picture below.


          Above is a more conventional map with the same information on it. Below, the arrow right over the .Minneapolis. label shows the University, routes I-35W and I-94 are visible, and the MSP airport can be seen at the center bottom, near the .5. and between the labels .Richfield. and .Mendota.. Hopefully all this is more helpful than confusing. The Radisson Hotel, located just two buildings away from the computer science building on Washington Ave. is very convenient. If staying there, it is easy to just take a taxi from the airport, which makes the more confusing of these maps unnecessary. The LCSE lab manager, Mike Knox, can be reached at his office phone, 612-626-9224.

    Researchers and Support Staff