LCSE Software Based Projects

Wave Simulation:

Download Wave Program
How to use the Wave program

Index Of Refraction
Light Sound Single Slit
Double Slit Interference
Wave Reflection
Wave Speed
Wave Addition

Wave Table Movie

Vibrating String:

Check out the new documentation and PC executable program for the vibrating string lab!

Just click here.

Download String program
How to use the String program

String Vibrations

Heat Transfer:

Download Heat Transfer program
How to use the Heat Transfer program

Sample Run

A sample setup. Click on the image to see an enlarged view.

A sample movie of the results.

MPEG 256x256 501 frames (2.4 Mbytes)

QuickTime 256x256 501 frames (5.6 Mbytes)

Planetary Motion:

Download Planetary Motion program
How to use the Planetary Motion program

Projects developed by High School teachers in collaboration with:

1) Envision It! Program

Catapult Project:

Catapult Lab
Physics of Flight

2) Other programs

GroundWater Project:

"Arsenic & Old Waste" - A Groundwater Mystery
Groundwater Pollution Models
Groundwater Applet
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