How to download the Wave Table Simulation lab
(for SGI systems running IRIX 6.2 or greater)

1) Left mouse click here to download wave table application waves.tar.gz (101K, compressed with gzip)

Enter the path name of where you want the waves.tar.gz file to be placed. Then click the OK button.
2) Go to the directory where you downloaded the waves.tar.gz file.

3) Unzip the file waves.tar.gz

% gunzip waves.tar.gz

This will produce the file waves.tar
4) Untar the file waves.tar

% tar -xvf waves.tar

This will produce the files: Waves.tcl, lcse.gif, and xwave .
5) Check the first line of the file Waves.tcl

It will look like this: #!/go/local/bin/wish8.0

This should point to the location of the wish8.0 code.
You may have to edit this line to reflect your systems setup.
6) To run the program execute Waves.tcl

% Waves.tcl

This will bring up a three windows: graphWindow, simpleWindow, and vkwindow.
7) How to use the wave Table program.

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