About the University of Minnesota Team:

Dr. Paul Woodward is a Professor of Astronomy at the University of Minnesota, a Fellow of the Minnesota Supercomputer Institute, and Graphics and Visualization Officer at the University's Army High Performance Computing Research Center. He has been involved in scientific visualization of fluid flows, and in high-speed computer animation of images from supercomputer simulations in particular, since 1986. The fluid flow simulations performed by his group in Minnesota on supercomputers built by Cray Research, Thinking Machines, and Silicon Graphics were carried out using the Piecewise-Parabolic Method (PPM) which he developed with collaborators at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and at the University of Minnesota.

The PowerWall team at Minnesota includes:
Back row: Jeff Stromberg, Russell Cattelan, S. Anderson, Michael Palmer
Front row: Matthew O'Keefe, Thomas Jacobson, Thomas Ruwart, Paul Woodward, David Porter, Aaron Sawdey
Not Pictured: Kevin Edgar, Amir Shinar, Steve Soltis, Thomas Varghese