LSCE Movie Display Tools

Multiple Panel Movie Player

Find movie playing applications and sample date in DOWNLOADS

To install LCSE movie playing applications

  1) Make sure that Distributed COM is enabled on your computer.
     See the "Default Properties" tab in the dcomcnfg application.
  2) Download
  3) Unzip the file into a directory where you keep applications.
  4) Run the script SETUP_MOVIE_APPS.cmd

To get and run a multi panel movie example

  1) Download (29MB) into a directory
     where you keep your data: movie data will unpack to ~60MB.

  2) Unzip the file, which will produce three files       1st 40 frame 512x512 pixel movie    2nd 40 frame 512x512 pixel movie              a text file used with mg.exe
     The movie files are raw RGB pixels -- no compression.
     The "mg" play script looks like
       localhost:0000x0000 C:\data\     512  512    40
       localhost:0512x0000 C:\data\  512  512    40
     where each line specifies one panel, and in each line:
       1st field is the host and screen offset;
       2nd field is the path to the raw movie file;
       3rd & 4th fields are the X- and Y-movie frame dimensions; and
       5th field is the number of movie frames.

  3) Modify the paths in text file "" to point to where your have
     unzipped the movie data in step 2.  
     You can also modify localhost to be the host you will play the movies on:
     must be the same machine that has the movie data localy available.
     For best performance, each movie file should be on a separate high
     performance disc drive.
     You can also modify the screen coordinates of each panel to point to
     the location offsets of each monitor.  The screen coordinates are in
     pixels from the upper left corner of your desktop.

  4) After you have installed the movie play software (see above), 
     run the graphical user interface (mg.exe) on the play script
     You can browse to the play scrip from within the mg.exe application.
     However, mg.exe will also take comand line arguments, the 1st one
     being the play script.
     A) Hence, in a command shell type
        Alternatively, you can drag onto mg.exe
        You should see the mg GUI pop up with the contents of the
        script parsed into its multi column list box.
     B) Click the button "initialize" -- you should see the two 512x512 movies
        pop up side-by-side in the upper left hand corner of your display.
     C) Click the button "play", and you should see the two movies play
        in lockstep.
     D) You can top the movie and single frame forward and backward with the
        buttons "stop", "Frame++", and "Frame--".
     E) Click the button "Exit" to close the movies and exit the application.