How To Make a Movie Using HVR

1) Install hvr_server on all machines in your cluster
   + Follow installation steps, above, on each machine.
2) Set-up the hvr_queue directories on machine you will run queue from.
   + Create the directory C:\\users\\HVR_queue
     This directory is where the movie meta-data will be stored.
     This meta-data is small, typically less than 1MB.
   + Create a directory where the movie raster files will be written.
     This raster data can be large depending on the movies you make.
     Ideally this directory should be on a large high performance partition
     For example, let the directory be W:\\BigDrive\\movies
   + Create and edit the plane text file C:\\users\\HVR_queue\\RenderDir
     This file contains the path to the movie raster directory given above
     In the example above, RenderDir should contain the string
3) Interactively define and submit the movie to the movie making queue
   + Run hvr_gui.exe
   + Specify views, near and far clipping planes, color and opacity LUTs
   + Save this key frame information into the key frame list
   + Choose a movie path which interpolates between key frames
   + Specify the hvr_queue host:
     - the default is localhost (one machine configuration), otherwise
     - choose menu item: Display->Hosts, enter name of host you will run queue on.
   + press the Generate Movie button.
4) Run the movie making queue
   + Edit the Cluster Server List file (*.cls) to include all of the hosts in your cluster.
   + On the queue machine, run hvr_queue_control.exe
   + Choose the Cluster Server List file
   + Choose the hosts you wish to run on
   + If you are running hvr_gui.exe on one of the hosts you wish to use as a server for the queue, exit hvr_qui now.
   + set the queue running.
   + when rendering finishes, stop the queue.