HVR_NEW_10Apr2003.zip  This file contains all the files listed below.

SETUP_HVR_SERVER.cmd   Script for registering the rendering DCOM server
SETUP_HVR_APPS.bat     Bat script for registering the rendering DCOM server
hvr-iuser.reg          Registers hvr_server as interactive user
un-hvr.cmd             Unregisters DCOM servers

hvr_gui.exe            Graphical user interface for interactive rendering
hvr_gui_palette.exe    hvr_gui.exe with paletted textures as default (use only if you know that your PC supports paletted textures)
hvr_server.exe         DCOM server for volume rendering
hvr_serverps.dll       DCOM proxy/stub for volume rendering server

hvr_queue_control.exe  Graphical user interface for rendering queue
hvr_queue.exe          DCOM server for rendering queue
hvr_queueps.exp        DCOM proxy/stub for rendering queue
RedoFrames.exe         App. for editing hvr_queuel jobs
Host_List.csl          Template file for a list of rendering hosts

movie_gui.exe          Graphical user interface for remote and multi-panel movies
ms1.exe                DCOM server for remote and multi-panel movies
ms1ps.exe              DCOM proxy/stub for remote and multi-panel movies
SETUP_MOVIE_APPS.cmd   Script for registering remote movies player apps.
SETUP_MOVIE_APPS.bat   bat version of SETUP_MOVIE_APPS.cmd script
MergePanels.exe        Merges multiple panel movies in a singe panel movie

a3d1.exe               Application which crates block tree files from cdumps